Word/Phrase Part of speech Definition Examples
Tru dat affirmative phrase Agreement. To agree

John: That song is phat.
Peter: Tru dat!

Phat Adjective Agreeable. First rate. Excellent. "That Lex is one phat ride."
Tight Adjective Very good. Excellent. "That new Puffy joint is mad tight."
Joint Noun Song. "Did you hear the new Jay Z joint?"
Mad Adverb Very "That dude is mad cool, yo."
Adverb Non-standard English variation of "All Right"


"That Nautica shirt is aiite."

John: Do you wanna go see a movie?
Amy: Aight

Word Adverb Used for verification.
Bob: Yo, my boy Joe got shot the other day.
Greg: Word?
Chill Verb
To relax.
To be very cool.

Dave: What you doin' this Saturday?
Frank: I'm just gonna chill, yo.

"That kid Nathan is pretty chill."

Lataz Adjective Variation of "later" "See y'all lataz"
Dope Adjective Very good. First rate. "Those moves are mad dope."
Bounce Verb To leave, depart "It's ten-o'clock, time for me to bounce."
Feel Verb To sympathize with "I feel ya man."
Rock Verb To wear "I like to rock Tommy and Polo."
Gear Noun Clothes "Yo, you look mad nice in your Tommy gear."
Scrub Noun Refers primarily to males
"I don't want no scrub, a scrub is the kind of guy who can't get no love from me"
Chicken [Head] Noun Refers to females
Ladies, girls

Rob: Yo, did you see that chicken head over there?
Adam: Yea, she look mad fly.

Dog, Dawg Noun Close friend, comrade "Where mah dogs at?"
Fly Adjective Appealing to asthetic senses. Attractive "That model is mad fly."
Off da hook Adjectival phrase Very good. First rate. "That club in da city is off da hook!"
What da dilly [yo] Interrogative phrase Non-standard English variation of "What's going on?" mainly used to inquire how one is doing. Henry: What da dilly yo?
Karen: Not much son.
[Da] Bomb Adjective Excellent. "That movie The Matrix was da bomb, yo"
Playa Noun One who seduces several women at once. Pimp.

"Yo that kid's nothin' but a playa"

"I don't wanna be a playa no mo' "

[Playa] Hater Noun One who dislikes players. "Don't be a playa hater, foo'... just let me do my thang."
Fire it up! Imperative To increase effort
To heighten the excitement and/or action
Brandon: Yo, this party be corny.
Steve: Then let's fire it up, yo!