First of all, a LOT of effort was put into making this website as perfect as I can make it. I've spent many hours making sure each pixel in every image was perfectly aligned and calibrated. Every table, every layer, every java rollover was tested and tested again... only to be tested again so that you the user may fully enjoy this website.

Unfortunately, the internet is a place where any loser can declare anything to be true and have people believe him or her. The internet is a place where anybody can set a standard, no matter how ridiculous it is, and be perfectly correct. Netscape, my friends, is that rogue browser that refuses to maintain user friendly functionality.

Any good HTML designer should be able to recognize certain behaviors that arise in web browsers. For example, the "marquee" tag is not recognized by both Netscape and Internet Explorer. That is, however, a relatively insignificant example. Netscape continues to diverge from commonly accepted HTML coding techniques and preferences -- driving web designers who emphasize good design concepts to compromise their creativity in order to appeal to those who still use Netscape.

Sure, Internet Explorer crashes often, isn't the safest browser, and has other faults, but hey... at least it WORKS! My website is designed to be user friendly, easily navigated, and coherent in design concepts. Netscape will not let you experience my website in its entirety. In fact, my website will look so retarded under the harness of Netscape that you may even be disgusted by it. I don't want that to happen.

So to all fellow surfers of the web, I implore you to invest in Internet Explorer. Then, go to the control panel, click on "Add/Remove Programs"... and you know what to do. If you are still using Netscape, fine, go ahead. But I promise you, you will regret it.

.: eternity :.