As I've noted before, you probably don't want to read too much text on my website, so I'll just get straight to the point.

In every good relationship, there needs to be a strong trust. I trust God. It's simple.

A lot of times, I doubt and question things in my life. Maybe I don't agree with the way God is working in my life, or maybe I just don't agree with a certain Bible verse. But the fact is, God knows what He is doing. It's easy for us to wonder why God is acting in some way, especially if it involves a tragedy of some kind. But we need to have trust, and acceptance. I've learned over the years that He doesn't throw any curve balls at us that we can't hit. It is up to us to believe in Him and trust that he is in full control. God will reach as far as He can to hold us, but we have to meet him half way.

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